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I am a senior broadcast journalism major at West Virginia University. Sports, in general, are my passion but baseball is by far my favorite. I am a huge Baltimore Orioles fan.

I am Sports Direct at WVU’s student radio station, U-92, where I oversee the sports staff and our broadcasts of WVU baseball, hockey, women’s basketball and women’s soccer. I am also an intern and content contributor for West Virginia Illustrated, covering WVU football and men’s basketball, and an intern for the Charleston Gazette-Mail, and WVU Athletics Video among other outlets.

At 91.7 FM, I have broadcasted baseball and women’s basketball from both the play-by-play and color analyst positions. I was also the first sideline reporter in U-92 history. I have broadcasted at the Big 12 Baseball Championship tournament and the NCAA Baseball Tournament, as well as from FedEx Field and PNC Park.

I want to be a sports media member simply because I love sports. But it’s truly not that simple. Playing sports for most of the first 18 years of my life, I’m just truly in love with sports like baseball, basketball and baseball. I love traveling to different places and going to sports stadiums and arenas. I also love statistics.

A major reason I love baseball so much is because how stats driven the game and its history is. Stats help tell part of the story of the athletes, which is another reason to get into sports media. Learning what coaches and players are thinking at any given moment, and comparing that to what I would be thinking or seeing at that moment, is really interesting to me. And lastly just telling the story. Whether it’s of a game or of an athlete or coach, telling what happened, and putting your spin on it, is an awesome feeling.


Email: rsdecker@mix.wvu.edu

Twitter: @NowOnDeck  or  @RDeckerWVUNews