Hot Rod Hundley Statue Unveiling

Two weekends ago, West Virginia University unveiled the newly built statue of WVU basketball legend Hot Rod Hundley. I talked to the sculptor and project manager of the statue, and was on hand for the 30-minute press conference that surrounded the unveiling. Tony Caridi, AD Shane Lyons, Jerry West and Hundley’s oldest daughter Kimberly spoke about Number 33.


WVU basketball head coach Bob Huggins speaks momentarily after the tarp covering the new Hot Rod Hundley statue was removed.  Photos by Ryan Decker


WVU legend Jerry West returned to the Mountain State for the first time since last season for the unveiling of his former teammate’s statue.  Photo by Ryan Decker


WVU Athletic Director Shane Lyons (right) hands a miniature statue to Hundley’s oldest daughter, Kimberly.  Photo by Ryan Decker


Ken Kendrick (far left) poses with Hundley’s three daughters and Shane Lyons (far right) soon after the unveiling.  Photo by Ryan Decker


From left to right: AD Shane Lyons, Ken Kendrick, Jerry West, Bob Huggins, and members of Hundley’s family.  Photo by Ryan Decker





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