Dear WVU Fans

Dear WVU Fans:


This has been a crazy year in college basketball.

There’s been upsets every week; seemingly every day. Ranked teams have dropped in the polls; some have dropped out of the Top 25 completely.

The non-conference part of the season was entertaining, and the conference portion has been chaotic.

As of late the top of the polls have remained relatively the same, though No. 1 Oklahoma and No. 2 North Carolina both lost on Saturday. Aside from that slip up, things have started to calm down a bit at the top of the rankings.

Consistency has been something that analysts and fans alike have been searching for all season.

One team that has displayed consistency is West Virginia.

Press Virginia, as they’re becoming known as nation wide now, is having a pretty good season, to say the least.

The Mountaineers are 19-4 overall, 8-2 in conference play, and now sit atop of the Big 12.

So with that said why is the Coliseum not filled up for every game? Why is it that Saturday night as the 14th ranked team in the country hosted the 15th ranked team – conference opponent Baylor – I could look around from my spot in the press area and see empty seats throughout the game?

Why is it that Mountaineer “fans” could be seen exiting the Coliseum with time left on the clock and Press Virginia is winning. Winning!

Who leaves early when the team is winning? What is that about?

Not only is it poor fan etiquette, but also poor because as we’ve seen time and time again this year, no lead is completely safe in college basketball.

The fans that packed up early may not realize that the Bears cut the WVU lead to seven points and had a chance to trim it to four late in the game. The Mountaineers went on to win by double digits, 80-69, but one more made shot by Baylor and the game could’ve went a whole other direction.

Duke has dropped out of the Top 25 for the first time since the 2007-2008 season, yet Cameron Indoor Stadium is filled to the brim every Blue Devils home game. And I can assure you Duke Nation isn’t leaving games early if Coach K and company are winning.

Mountaineer Nation, you are witnessing one of the best teams that Bob Huggins has had in his tenure at WVU. This Mountaineer squad was ranked as high as sixth, and has been nationally ranked for 11-straight weeks beginning today.

Jaysean Paige is without a doubt the best sixth man in the Big 12, and is certainly in discussion for the whole country as well, Devin Williams is one of the better big men in a conference filled with talented big men, and the core of this team is growing before our eyes and is poised to make a run in the NCAA tournament.

Is that not good enough? Am I missing something?

Fans should be scrambling for tickets to see WVU play.

But that’s not the case, and the longer the season has went on the more disappointing it has become.

Huggins got flack for his comments he made about the fans two weeks ago, but he was right. Mountaineer Faithful needs to show up.

Don’t take for granted the success that the team is having.


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