Staying or Leaving?

Three NFL franchises are talking relocation as early as 2016


The Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams may not have been fighting for a division crown this season, but all three franchises remained in the headlines for much of the second half of the season.

All three clubs stayed in the news by threatening to leave their respective cities and relocate to Los Angeles, a city that the NFL has been trying to work its way back into for some time now.

And the league has finally succeeded.

Earlier this month the owners voted 30-2 to allow the Rams to move back to Los Angeles for the 2016 campaign.

No team from the National Football League has relocated since the Titans moved to Tennessee in 1999, and there hasn’t been a team in LA since both the Raiders and Rams left after the ’94 season.

The Rams have already agreed to move to southern California, and supposedly have a temporary stadium location to play in before the new state-of-the-art stadium to be built in LA is completed.

It is the two other teams that are holding up progress on other fronts.

News broke Friday afternoon that Chargers chairman Dean Spanos has decided to keep his team in San Diego for at least one year, in attempt to reach an agreement for a new stadium to be built without relocating the team. Spanos has this ability due to the outcome of the owners’ vote, which gave the Chargers a one-year option to join the Rams in Inglewood.

That leaves the Raiders.

A large amount of football fans, including myself, hoped that the Oakland would be joining the Rams in Los Angeles. But it’s obvious that the voters didn’t feel the same way.

Since the decision was made that it would be the other two franchises relocating to LA, the Raiders have been busy trying to find other places to move to. One of the other cities that Raiders ownership is said to have looked into moving to is San Antonio.

Joel Norman, Angelo Ingesa and I talked about this on Friday’s edition of Moose-Talkas.

It remains unclear at the moment whether or not the league would approve of Oakland leaving for a new city, especially if that city is Las Vegas. However, one that that is for certain is that the Raiders need a new stadium, no matter if it’s in Oakland, southern California, or in a different state entirely.




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