NFL Predictions

Like always Dallas and Detroit are playing at home on this festive holiday. Detroit has won each of the past two years on Thanksgiving Day, while Dallas has lost on two out the last three turkey days.

Green Bay has never hosted a team on Thanksgiving, and the last time the Packers played on the holiday they lost by 30 points to the Lions.

But that was then, this is now.

Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay are back on track after last week’s win in Minnesota.

And speaking of quarterbacks, all three Packer QB’s to have won a Super Bowl will be in Green Bay, as the team is retiring Brett Favre‘s jersey and Bart Starr will be on hand for the ceremony.

Dallas also won last week, making Tony Romo 3-0 this season, however, the team the Cowboys are facing hasn’t lost yet this year, and is coming off a 44-16 win.


A game with two teams trying to get their season on track to start things off, a divisional matchup to end the day, with a battle of unbeaten QB’s in between – it should be an entertaining Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Ryan Decker

Last week: 8-6

Record: 94-66

Joel Norman

Last week: 9-5

Record: 91-69

Justin Moore

Last week: 9-5

Record: 93-67

Nate Temple

Last week: 11-3

Record: 87-73

Eddie Santiago

Last week: 5-9

Record: 103-57

Brandon VanSickel

Last week: 9-5

Record: 102-58

Philadelphia at Detroit Detroit (-2) Detroit (-6) Detroit (-7) Philadelphia (-3) Philadelphia (-3) Philadelphia (-3)
Carolina at Dallas Carolina (-2) Carolina (-9) Carolina (-5) Carolina (-4) Dallas (-3) Dallas (-3)
Chicago at Green Bay Green Bay (-9) Green Bay (-7) Green Bay (-7) Green Bay (-4) Green Bay (-9) Green Gay (-10)

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