World Series Prediction

Baseball fans this is it, the last series of the year.

The encore to the performance that has been all 170-odd games that have been played up to this point.

Today marks the beginning of the end to the 2015 Major League Baseball season – Game 1 of the World Series is tonight.

The Fall Classic features two teams in the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets that are trying to avenge losses the last time they were playing in the final round of the MLB playoffs.

For the Royals, they’re back in the World Series for the second year in a row, and are looking to finish the job this time around after falling to the San Francisco Giants last season.

New York, on the other hand, hasn’t been to the World Series since 2000 when it lost to the Yankees in five games.

Neither of these teams has won a championship since the 1980’s. Coincidentally, they won their last titles in consecutive years, the Royals winning over the Cardinals in ’85, and the Mets the following year over the Red Sox.

Kansas City has the edge in two team characteristics, lineup depth and experience.

The Royals were in the same spot just last year, so they know exactly what it will take to get the job done this time around.

Kansas City also has the deeper, and more consistent lineup. Top to bottom the Royals have possibly the deepest lineup in the majors, with hitters that consistently contribute up and down the order.

Five players had over 150 hits during the regular season, four had at least 30 doubles, and five qualifying players had an on-base percentage of north of .340.

The Mets’ lineup has been potent ever since the trade deadline with the addition of Yoenis Cespedes.

Not only has he been a big pick-me-up, but so has Daniel Murphy, who set a Major League record for most consecutive postseason games with a home run with six.

That performance not only earned him the NLCS MVP award, but it got his team to the World Series.

But as the old adage goes, “Hitting wins you games, pitching wins you championships.”

New York has the clear advantage in the pitching department.

The team Kansas City is facing doesn’t have just one young, dominant pitcher, like the Giants did last year, but it has a plethora of them.

Matt Harvey. Jacob deGrom. Noah Syndergaard. Jonathon Niese. Those are the big names in this Mets pitching rotation. Add in the names Steven Matz and Jeurys Familia to the list.

The Mets have pitching.

Kansas City’s pitching throughout the postseason has been spotty, and each of the Royals top three pitchers have had shaky playoff appearances to say the least.

Harvey gets the start on the mound in Game 1 against Edinson Volquez, who sports a 1-4 record in the playoffs with a 6.56 ERA.

Pitching wins you championships, and the championship is going to the Big Apple.

Prediction: Mets win, 4 games to 2


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