NFL season has been crazy so far

No season in the NFL is completely predictable. There is always a team that isn’t expected to be playing in late January that is.

However, this season seems to be even stranger, and more unpredictable than usual.

So now that we are a little over halfway through the season, let’s recap some of the craziness.

Remember after Week 4 when the sky was falling in New England? You remember.

Tom Brady’s career was over; Jimmy Garoppolo was the new face of the franchise. Bill Belichick was on the hot seat after his team started 2-2 and got stomped by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Well, the sky is still standing, Brady is still the starting quarterback, and Belichick’s seat is as cold as the temperature in Foxborough.

In other words, the Patriots have rebounded since that Week 4 matchup, winning every game since, including wins over Denver and Indianapolis.

Who outside of the Cleveland area would’ve picked the Browns to be one of the top teams in the AFC North? Not to mention have a winning record behind Brian Hoyer, and only having Johnny Manziel throw one pass thus far this season.

The Browns have beaten teams like the Saints and divisional foes Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

In a tightly packed AFC North Division, in which every team has six wins, the Browns could be in the driver’s seat since no one really expected them to still be in the race to this point and they will be under the least amount of pressure.

Could the Browns make the playoffs for the first time since 2002?

Atlanta, New Orleans, Carolina and Tampa Bay. Sounds like a competitive, successful division.

Well it hasn’t been.

The Falcons and the Saints are tied atop the NFC South with 4-6 records. The Panthers are in third place in the division at 3-7-1, one year removed from winning the division with 12 wins.

The Buccaneers were widely picked to be that team to shock the league this year before the season started. However they have won just two games.

It is shocking to think that fans could witness a team with a losing record win a division and be rewarded by hosting one of the games in the Wild Card Round in the playoffs.

If the season ended today, neither the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks nor the San Francisco 49ers would make the playoffs. That would be the first time that neither team would play in the post season since 2009.

Both teams currently sit at 6-4 and are looking up at 9-1 Arizona, which is one of, if not, the best team in the league.

It’s easy to see why the NFL is the hardest league to repeat in as champions.

Luckily for the Seahawks, they still have four games remaining against the 49ers and Cardinals. And San Francisco, along with its two games against Seattle, still has one remaining against Arizona.

That game is the last week of the season, and for all intents and purposes, could decide the fate for three of the four teams in the division.


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